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November 5, 2016


Figs Are One of The Most Alkaline Fruits Available. Alkalize Your Body to Prevent Cancer!

Fig trees date back as far as Neolithic times and were known to exist circa 9400–9200 BC in the Jordan Valley. In fact, figs are one of the oldest domestically farmed plants, thought to have originated in Western Asia and the Middle East. While figs are enjoyed as a tasty fruit today, in the past figs,…


This 3-Ingredient Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Is High In Potassium And Protein!

Chocolate cake is one of the most popular indulgences in the world. But anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows that this treat is full of fat and sugar, making it incredibly hard to resist.If you’re a die-hard chocoholic, this recipe may just be the perfect balance between satisfying your craving and eating healthy.…