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November 17, 2016


10-Second Reflexology Trick: Reset Your Circulation And Metabolism For The Next Day With This Easy Technique!

Feet aren’t pretty, but they sure are useful. Think about it, all day they carry you around, holding up your weight and offer proper balance. But, aching feet often go neglected at the end of a long day. Many cultures have seen the importance of feet and have developed and perfected ways to ensure that…


The Science Is “Overwhelming At This Point” Wifi Industry Appeals Brain Tumor Association Ordinance

When you grab your cell phone, do you ever stop to think about what consequences it can have on your health?To your surprise, new warnings on cell phone radiation were mandated in Berkeley, California in 2016.The ordinance sheds light on the topic of radiation from radio frequency (RF) and electromotive force (EMF) exposure, the health…


Flush Pounds Of Toxins And Waste From Your Body In No Time With The Help Of These 8 Drinks!

Detoxification- the best way to get rid of built-up waste and toxins in the intestines and colon along with free radicals and hazardous parasites. In order to maintain its appropriate function, our body needs this cleanse from time to time. There are specific foods and beverages which can help you in the process of body…