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December 3, 2016


8 Common Foods & Medications You Should NEVER Mix!

Most of us have taken medication at some point. Whether it’s for a headache, back pain, an infection or an illness. While medication is designed to help with your symptoms, it also comes along with a list of risks and unwanted side effects that may occur. If you’ve ever had a prescription filled, you know…


Put Ice On This Point 2 Times A Day !!!

The basis of the traditional Chinese medicine is the belief that energy, (chi or qi) flows throughout the body along pathways, known as meridians. Therefore, acupuncturists and acupressurists believe that the imbalance or blockage of chi leads to illnesses. In this way, the function of the body organs can be dramatically improved if the energy…


How Did Socialite Kim Kardashian Drop 36 lbs Off Her Stomach Fat Without Dieting or Exercise, in 2 Months Flat?

Kim recently lashed out at paparazzi about her recent weight gain due to her being pregnant. She sat down with us to talk about the emotional and hashness pregnant woman have to face today. She said, “I often think people forget how fast I lost weight last time after having North”. I’m currently pregnant and…