3 Things Which You Should Do It For Weight Loss

Many people think that it’s enough one hour exercise every day so they achive their desirable results but in a short time they will notice that there is no change. In order to get positive results you should consider the advice in this article.

The Three Phases of Fat Loss

In order for you to lose fat, follow these guidelines.

  • Release: A process known as lipolysis. It’s a process in which fat is released by the fat cells. Exercise is the main reason for fat release. You should do regular exercise and your exercise habits should be as ambitious as your fat loss goals.
  • Delivery: Bloodstream delivers the fat to the mitochondria which is a necessary in order to lose fat. The most difficult type of fat to lose is subcutaneous fat. In men it is the waist line area. For women it is hips, butts and thighs. Being the outermost areas of body, these areas have the least blood flow. Being close to our blood stream, the fat deep in our belly is easy to get rid of. You should do high intensity workout of short duration to get rid of fat from subcutaneous fat areas.
  • Burning Phase: In the third and last phase fat is burned. It is known as lipid oxidation. At this phase a number of hormones get involved and they determine whether the fat is burned or circulated and restored in your body. The single most important thing for fat loss is managing insulin. If fat is simply released it does not mean that it will get burned. All three steps should take place for fat loss to occur.




Your Meal Timing is important

Losing fat or gaining muscle, meal timing is very important. Most of the people don’t pay much attention to it and therefore don’t get the desired results. The rule is simple, if you want to gain muscle and increase strength, then you should consume proteins and carbohydrates before and after the workout sessions. On the other hand if your goal is to lose fat then you shouldn’t eat immediately before or after the workout session.

If you eat meals before your workout sessions, your body starts burning the energy from the meal you had, instead of burning fat.

A Perfect Method to Burn Fat

Your workout shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes, but it should be of high intensity. After having a high intensive workout, instead of resting, you should keep moving around for another 30 minutes. It will keep burning the fats which were released during high intensity workout. You can do this by walking on a treadmill or just walking around. After 30 minutes of this low intensity workout you can finally eat something.