Those are the 5 Antibiotics that don’t require prescription

5 Antibiotics That Don’t Require Prescription

Yes, there are five antibiotics for which you don’t have to get prescriptions but they are proven effective.

OREGANO OILPathogenic bacteria is terminated from it’s roots leaving useful one by the help of oregano oil extract. Since it has the qualities of working against viral and fungus, oregano oil encourages the resistance of antibiotic effects. The main agent in the oregano oil, carvacrol possesses antimicrobial ingredients. To get the essence of the oil you must be certain that the oil has 70 percent of carvacrol.COLLOIDAL SILVERThe founder of one of the known pharmaceutical companies, Alfred Searle in the 1900 era found out that colloidal silver can kill pathogens. Incredible results have been seen by applying colloidal silver through a complete procedure. This completely destroys the resistant microbes by its antibiotic properties. Microbes like MRSA, SARS and bird flu are exterminated by colloidal silver.MANUKA HONEY

Antibiotic in the form of Manuka honey is quite a surprise for many of us. It has the property of killing bacteria which eats flesh. Also noted by the researchers and doctors of the field that Manuka honey actually doesn’t build a lot of struggle in killing these flesh eating bacteria.


Echinacea is used in treating many types of infections. However, in the tart it was utilized to cure medical conditions like blood poisoning, all those illnesses which are related to bacteria, open wounds and diphtheria. In today’s world it is used in treating colds. It abolishes staphylococcus aureus which is considered extremely dangerous among all sorts of bacteria.


Garlic is used all around the world for its antibiotic properties. It was also used in 1700’s to clear out plague. Toxic bacteria is eliminated by the help of garlic. It is because of the fact that it holds antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antibiotic properties. It subsidizes to a healthy immune functioning.