Be Aware Never Re-Heate These Foods! You Might Get Poisoned!

It’s scientifically proven that some foods you shouldn’t reheat because they will turn into poison under certain conditions. Most of the time there are leftovers that you want to eat later in evening or in dinner. You heat up because you think it will increase taste, make it fresh again, or kill bacteria, but that is not the case with some of the foods.

Reheating is popular among people because sometimes there is large portion of spicy recipe left out, and you want to it eat in dinner. You should remember some of the foods that must not be heated because they will turn into poison.

Below is the list with foods which must avoid reheating:

  • Mushrooms: These are better to be eaten just after cooking, don’t reheat them because they have properties not well for second heat-up. Mushrooms have special proteins that can become poison after reheating. It can cause digestion problems and you may face serious health risks.
  • Chicken:They have same composition as mushrooms. You don’t have to reheat chicken because their proteins change into poison for you. It’s advised especially not to reheat on high temperature, just make as much as chicken you can eat without having leftovers.
  • Potatoes: This is one of the high nutritional food that must not be heated twice. It has properties that can turn into toxins if reheated.
  • Spinach: Don’t eat spinach that is reheated, always eat fresh. It’s Carcinogenic to our body, and can cause various health problems. It also has high nutrition that you must not reheat.
  • Beets: It has nutrition that are harmful if heated multiple time.
  • Celery: People often use in soup and reheat. One thing you should know, don’t reheat carrots or celery because it contain nitrides that turn toxin because of reheating. They are purely carcinogenic in nature if heated more than once.
  • Eggs: If you have used eggs in a recipe then you must avoid reheating. Eggs are high in proteins that can turn into toxin for body if reheated.

There are many vegetables that must not be heated twice. Especially those having high nutrition must not be reheated. You can avoid significant health risks if you cook once, eat once without having to heat leftovers.


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