bananas in the air

Benefits For Your Face From Pieces Of Banana

Many people  throw the pieces from banana without knowing that they  throw the most amazing part of the product. In this article you will read about the 4  most common uses of banana peel.

1.Warts – cut pieces of banana and put them on a patch or tape. Do it every night for about a week. Your warts will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

2.White teeth – all you need to do is to cut off small piece of banana and then just to rub your teeth with the inside of peel for about a minute.

3.Cure for acne – bananas are highly anti- inflammatory agents for acne. So, if you have fresh bite or inflamed pimples or acne, you can take a piece of banana and rub it over the problematic spot or hold it on that area. You will see that the inflammation will be reduced.

4.Taking care of the skin – chop pieces of the peel from bananas and place them in a blender. Then add a cup of coconut milk and make a smoothie out of these ingredients which you will use as mask for your face.

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