Can Cannabis Help In Curing Cancer

Can Cannabis Help In Curing Cancer

In many occesions many famous scientists and doctors discussed debate about the effectiveness of cannabis. Till now have been conducted  many various researches to prove the medical benefits of this magical plant.

The latest researches have provided enough evidences in support of the cannabis as a cancer killer. The cannabis oil is reportedly availed for many years around the world for the treatment of different diseases particularly cancer. The medicinal properties of cannabis are not a new discovery but our greedy society of few doctors rejected it as they choose money on human life. The amazing characteristic of cannabis as cancer killer was first brought to light by a common man called Rick Simpson in 2003. He was diagnosed with the basal cell carcinoma which is a form of skin cancer in 2003. His treatment was going on but no effective results were seen. At the same time, he was taking cannabis orally for some other health issues. During that period, he remembered news he heard on radio thirty years back. The news was about cure of cancer through cannabinoids. He started using cannabis oil as an ointment and within a week his cancer was cured.

Different studies found cannabis or marijuana effective in the following types of cancers:

Breast Cancer:

A recent study suggested that cannabidiol present in the cannabis plant has ability to turn off a cpecific gene that can spread an intense form of brease cancer named triple negative. Another componenet of cannabis called Cannabidiolic acid is found useful in inhibiting cell migration or spreading of cells in breast cancer patients. Cannabis as cancer killer is evident by there findings.


Several researches have claimed that cannabis is beneficial in treating Leukemia. One of the researches conducted in 2002 by scientists in Virginia explained that cannabinoids specifically THC is influential in stimulating apoptosis (programmed cell death). This apoptosis initiating property of cannabis is particularly effective in various human leukemia cases. Many other studies have also discovered the cancer eradicating properties of THC in human leukemia cell lines.

Another study on THC’s effect on cancer cells shows that it works at a highly faster rate. Within 6 hours, THC found in cannabis starts its cancer fighting.

Cervical Cancer:

Cervix is the sensitive part of the body connecting uterus and the vagina. The stage of cervical cancer is the considerable factor affecting it’s treatment. US witnesses around 2000 cervical cancer victims every day. A study published in Gynecologist Oncology suggested Cannabis as the possible treatment of cervical cancer. Cannabis is effective in bringing apoptosis in the cervical cell line.

Colon Cancer:

The cancer of the lower part of digestive system that is the large intestine is scientifically called Colon cancer. There are several researches going on throughout the world to find its effective treatments. A recent publication on Phytomedicine Journal stated that cannabis included medicines can be used to treat the colon cancer. This study was also published by National Institute of Health.

Conclusion cannabis is a natural herb that can cure several types of cancers and other diseases.