Raw Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in a Spoon

How Can Himalayan Salt Help To Mineralize And Detoxify The Body

Salt is a very important ingredient which is required for transporting nutrients into and out of the cells, controlling the blood pressure, exchanging ions and many other functions. There are different kind of salts and of that is depending the effect on your body.

The table salt that is containing only sodium and chloride doesn’t have the positive effect on the human body, like pure, unrefined salt that is rich in minerals.

The Himalayan salt is one of the most beneficial and complete salts that can be found these days. This salt has been forming over million years in the Himalayas and includes large amounts of macrominerals and trace minerals which are giving its pink color.


Rich in minerals – Himalayan salt has a great concentration of minerals. As the spectral analyzes are showing provided by The Meadow, this salt includes 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements. This is why the Himalayan salt is used if the person is facing some mineral deficiency. The Himalayan salt includes iodine, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium which are the five minerals in which the U.S. population is most deficient. The lack of iodine is very common and serious problem and it is caused by soil erosion. The iodine has a vital role in the work of the metabolism – controlling thyroid gland. With the added Himalayan salt in your food you will never have problem with iodine deficiency anymore.

Sodium content – The sodium is one of the main ingredients in Himalayan salt. Many people believe that the sodium is not good for their health because it is linked with processed foods. But when in raw, unprocessed form the sodium is very important for our body. It controls the blood volume and together with this controls the blood pressure, it’s good for regulating muscle contractions, heart functions and nerve transmissions. The advised daily consumption of sodium varies between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams for men and women between ages 9-50. Just one teaspoon of this salt consists around 400 milligrams of sodium.


Detoxification – People are using this salt most often with food, but because of the minerals included it is very helpful for external detoxification. There isn’t other salt in the world that will do better than Himlayan salt when it comes to bathe. The minerals and negative ions will penetrate in the skin very easy which will make a cleansing and detoxifying effect that can make your skin younger and fresher. You can also use this salt if you like to make the air in your house better. The fact that many salt lamps are made of Himalayan salt is a good indication for this. The negative ions included in Himalayan salt are binding on the positive ions found in the air, and that is how the pollutants are eliminated from the air.

Purchasing Advice

You can easily find the Himalayan salt in health food markets or online. You can also buy like fine or coarse grains. The most recommended Himalayan salt for buying is the fine-grained Himalayan salt because of the small practical crystals which are easier to include in the meals. Make sure that your Himalayan salt has its pink color, because that will tell you that it is full with all of the minerals required for your overall health.

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