Dodge Stubborn Cough with Simple & Natural Remedies in a Single Day!

A regular and consistent dry cough can be something really irritating. Following are some natural and simple ways to get out of this problematic issue.

Take up the below mentioned ingredients to prepare a magical onion tea to relief the cough:

  1. A kilo onions
  2. 3 liters of water


Peel off all the onions, wash them well and cut in to equal four pieces. Put all pieces in 3 liters of water. Be certain of boiling them in a bigger pot and let the water boil until it remains 1.5 liter.Rest for a few minutes so that it can get Luke warm and then strain it.

Take fresh lemons and squeeze them to take the juice out, you must at least get 250 ml of water. After that consume it with a teaspoon full of organic honey. This is one of the magical drink which will immediately work out and stop the cough in two to three days. Take two potion of this drink in a whole day. This drink has proved to be very effective in most of the cough cases.

Highly Effective tea to treat cough

  1. 2 medium sized apples
  2. 2 medium sized onions
  3. 11 walnuts


Again peel off both onions and wash them well and cut them in four equal pieces. Similarly wash and cut the apple in four equal pieces plus break the walnuts.Take a big pot and place all the stuff in it with approximately 3 liters of water. Let the water boil until it remains 1.5 liters, now let it cool for a few minutes and strain it.

In order to sweeten the drink, squeeze a fresh half lemon in it and put one teaspoon of organic honey. You must consume one cup of this drink on a daily basis multiple times.

Liquid Onion – Helps cleaning blood vessels resulting in improvised brain functions

  • Take 100 grams juice of freshly squeezed onions
  • Take 100 grams of organic honey

Get a big jar and place all 100 grams of onion juice and 100 grams of organic honey in it and stir. Place it somewhere safe and consume 1 teaspoon three times a day. Just make sure that you take this syrup before your meal at least thirty minutes earlier. This drink is considered as magical and it do wonders to your overall being.

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