Eat This Food And You Will Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Lungs

Medical observation proved that our body needs up to 8 hours to get rid of nicotine, which we get after smoking only one cigarette. Most of the time, the body is not able to remove it all, so some nicotine traces are left behind up to whole month.

One of the things which can help you to flush nicotine out from the body and lungs is food. Some natural foods, which contain certain vitamins, like vitamin A, C and B-5 and also folic acid helps in flushing out nicotine from our body, right after smoking or up to few hours. In this article, we present you some foods, thanks to their composition, and eating habits which helps to our body to flush nicotine faster and naturaly.


Water is very important in flushing process of nicotine. Regular consumption of water, especially after smoking helps for effective and adequate filtration of the nicotine content. Smoking dehydrates your body, so make sure you consume it regularly.


Consumption of vegetables is not only good for general good health, it’s good in fight against nicotine also. Certain vegetables, high in vitamin B5 and C and Folic acid, like broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, eggplants and celery can increase flushing rate of the body and will help for faster removal of nicotine traces.


Same as vegetables, rich content of vitamins and minerals in fruits helps in flushing nicotine out from the body. Kiwi, Watermelon and Oranges are especially useful. Regular consumption of this fruits will boost your metabolism and relieve stress also.

Dairy products

Dairy products, like eggs and milk, contain vitamin A, vitamin which is lost when you smoke and vitamin which normally protects the lungs from infections.

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