Get Rid of Your Unwanted Double Chin1

Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Double Chin

This is very common problem which make many people to feel uncomfortable .If you have this problem then tone blabbing, loose of skin under your jaw, and various problem become common. You can work on muscles using an exercise to get rid of that double chin. Under mention is the exercise you need to do to get rid of that double chin.

Exercise to get rid of blabbing and double chin

  • First you have to lift the chin and point straight at ceiling
  • Now push lower jaw upwards, you will feel stretch under your chin
  • Hold there for at least 10 seconds
  • Lift chin 3 inch downwards and then again lift it upwards. Do this process slowly and gradually
  • Move your head up and down in a straight line. Repeat this process for 20 times
  • When you are done with above process, release your head down more than usual, and again lift it
  • Move your head upwards and push lower jaw so that your bottom teeth are forwards. Hold there for 10 seconds.
  • Drop chin to 3 inches, and move it up again. Move slow
  • Move head up and down continuously before releasing muscles

This process is effective against loose skin and double chin. This exercise will restore your muscles to their original state giving you flexibility.


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