Hemorrhoid Treatment By Using Russian Folk Recipe !

Hemorrhoid is a health problem that can occur because of modern lifestyle. Sometimes unhealthy diet, constipation, hereditary, and pregnancy can cause Hemorrhoid. There are many side-effects along with this problem. You may feel pressure on veins, painful swelling, and accumulation of blood.

Itching, swelling, internal pressure, bleeding, and palpable nodules are the main symptoms that indicate you have hemorrhoids. The first thing you need to do is consult your doctor, but if you are at initial stage then you can get rid of this problem by using tips mention below.

Consume homemade fresh drinks

Hemorrhoid is not something you should take lightly. If you start to see symptoms then increase in fluid intake will help in your situation. Consume natural drinks i.e. Lemon and cucumber water, prune juice, and similar drinks. You should avoid consuming artificial drinks and junk food.

Avoid sitting for long duration

You should avoid sitting for long duration because it may cause you problem. Start doing light exercises i.e. slow walking, and standing up for longer duration. These exercises will help in your situation, and increase your chances of getting healthy again.

Eat food that is rich in fiber

Diet that is rich in fiber will help you in digestion, and strengthen the immune system. You can checkmark dried fruits, whole grain, and legumes in your diet. You should also add veggies in your diet, and avoid hot and spicy food. Stay away from junk food because it can fill your liver with toxic. Avoid laxatives because it may cause diarrhea and irritation.

Exercise More Often

Exercise will encourage circulation, increase metabolism strength, and help digest food. It can also stimulate red function, and reduce constipation and diarrhea. Light physical exercise will not only help with Hemorrhoids, but also will maintain healthy routine.

If you are not aware of Hemorrhoids then you should know, there are two type of Hemorrhoids, one is internal and second is external. Treatment of external can be done with the help of therapy, but internal Hemorrhoids may cause complications. It may cause bleeding, pain, and irritation during bowel. If your situation is on initial point then under mention is a recipe that will help in you.

A Recipe to get rid of Hemorrhoids

This recipe originates from Russia. It can help you get rid of Hemorrhoids, but if you have a serious problem then you should consult your doctor before using it.


Potato – 1 large


You should select a good quality potato and wash it properly. Don’t select a potato that is becoming green.

Peel potato, cut a thin stick, and place it in a freezer.

Insert that frozen potato inside anus and keep there for atleast 30 seconds. Repeat this process for atleast 4 days regularly. When you start getting comfortable, increase timing from 30 to 60 seconds per interval.

Useful information

Another very important point is that you should note, never to take Hemorrhoids lightly. If you search on Google image, there are many cases that went wrong. If you don’t want to go through painful experience then start making efforts from the first day to overcome Hemorrhoids. You should also inform doctor about your situation in detail otherwise you may not get correct treatment.

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