Anemia is very common and  often comes along with side effects that are related to blood. This folk medicine recipe is especially made to get rid of extra health issue that come along side anemia. Many medicine that we take come with many side effects, there are only few without side effect so you should increase intake of natural methods to live a healthy life. This particular recipe that we are going to discuss will increase hemoglobin in blood with extra ordinary results.

This recipe is an established cure against Anemia. It is delicious and you can eat it as a desert in dinner. The ingredients to make this recipe : honey 200ml, walnuts 200gr, dry raisins 200gr, carrot juice 200ml, beetroot juice 200ml and 2 lemons.

Preparing the recipe:

First you need to cut lemon in half and remove seeds from it, ground without or with rind. Add Honey, Carrot juice, and beetroot juice and mix them well. Lastly, add ground walnuts and then raisins. The total weight of this mixture will be around 1 kilogram. You can put this in a single or multiple jars and eat one spoon thrice a day.

It’s recommended to eat one spoon thrice a day before or after the meal.


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