Keep The Benefits From Cooked Eggs

Keep The Benefits From Cooked Eggs

In this article you will read about the right method of cooking eggs so they can keep their healthy ingredients.

Egg fry is definitely easy for you because you have to pick an egg and just fry it. But if you want them to cook perfect every time then follow instructions mention below. It is delicious, kids and adults will surely love it. You just have to try once, and you will notice a difference. Make this today and let us know how that fried egg turned out.


  • Cut onion ring (mar larger one)
  • Break the egg between onion ring. It will stay there.
  • Cook it with that ring and you will see a perfect circle egg in onion.
  • You can use that ring to make a sandwich (or skip that ring), or can serve as you want to

You will like this method since it is one of the unique cooking method. If you have been trying different method, then you should also try this new style of cooking egg.


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