Nutella is Poisonous For You And Your Kids

Nutella is Poisonous For You And Your Kids

Since 1964, Nutella has been produced by Ferrero, the Italian company. Being among the most popular world products, it’s produced not only in Italy but in other countries also. Although it’s so popular, it contains many harmful ingredients.


Nutella contains palm oil, cocoa, reduced minerals, soy lecithins such as emulsifier, sugar, hazelnut, skim milk, whey, and vanillin. Although many people know how harmful these components are, Nutella states that its items don’t include artificial preservatives and synthetic colors. If you continue reading, you’ll learn that this declaration is incorrect.

Vanillin– an artificial flavor (MSG)
Vanillin flavor and scent are chemicals which are produced cheaply thanks to the advanced technology. MSG or monosodium glutamate is the most dangerous component of vanillin. It’s neither a nutrient nor mineral. As an excitotoxin, it stimulates the brain by making it think Nutella tastes far better than it in fact truly does.
According to scientist, excitotoxins provokes advancement of migraines, infections, endocrine disorders, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, unusual neural advancement, obesity, Parkinson’s illness, etc.

Palm oil
This oil, which is taken from the palm tree, is used in many processed foods. It’s the second most popular food oil on earth. It can raise the cholesterol levels in the blood, leading to serious heart disease.
In a research study carried out in 1999, it was shown that food industry uses palm oil in a state of oxidization. Using the oil in this state is so hazardous for a lot of biochemical and physiological body functions. It may provoke organ toxicity in kidney, lungs, liver, and heart.

Soy lecithin
It’s a waste product which consists of pesticides and solvents. It might vary from a gummy fluid to a solid plastic. It’s used as an emulsifier which keeps the fats and water from separation in the food, like for example peanut butter, ice cream, margarine, and chocolate sweets. It protects the food from spoilage, which suggests that it expands the life of the products on the market shelves.
More than 90 percent of the soy sources are GMO, which can cause reduced fertility, allergic reactions, and immunological modifications.

Reduced minerals whey
Whey protein is used as a waste item for the purpose of cheese production. It’s been produced by lots of subpar companies, which derive sources from cows raised with GMO foods, hormones, and prescription antibiotics.
This reduced mineral whey really represents a cream having a dark color. Its production starts with the process of drying whey that has been previously treated to eliminate the minerals. The minerals are being eliminated through physical separation techniques, as dialysis, precipitation, or purification. This procedure of demineralization levels normally reaches over 90%, which indicates that this active ingredient is ineffective entirely for nutrition.

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