Here Is How To Plant Tangerines At Home By Your Own!

Here Is How To Plant Tangerines At Home By Your Own!

The specific exquisite flavor and the amazing aroma of the tangerines, makes them one of the most delicious and popular citric fruits. It also has numerous health benefits. It boosts the immune system, promotes proper function of the lungs, fight inflammations and much more.

But it can be cultivated at your home, in the garden or in flowerpots. Here are some information about how you can grow tangerines at your own home:


Take a medium sized flowerpot that has holes at the bottom. Then, lace small stones at the bottom and you should add organic soil. For better ventilation, you can use a little bit of sand. Sow the tangerine seeds and cover them well, but don’t press them firmly. You should place the flowerpot on a sunny place.


Occasionally, add a fertilizer which is high in iron, zinc and magnesium. Water the tangerines when the soil is dry to one inch deeper and don’t forget to cut the broken and withered branches.
Be careful and gentle when you gather the fruits so you won’t cause any damage.

Enjoy your own tangerines and avoid the ones that you buy in the markets as they are rich in chemicals that damage your health.

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