Can Food In Can Cause Cancer ?

Many famous laboratory for food inspection are advise that eating canned food can cause cancer and many other diseases. In order to understand how the Pringles or any other chips are made, you should know that they aren’t made of any potatoes at all. This  was admitted by the Pringles Company (with goal to dodge paying taxes) that their chips was consisted of very small amount of potatoes that practically it isn’t a potato chips.The process of making begins with paste of rice, potato, flakes, wheat and corn which are pressed into shape.This substance looks like dough and it is shaped into an super-thin chips cookies by a machine.

According to io9:

“The chips goes forward on a conveyor belt where they’re pressed onto molds that makes the curves that are helping to fit into one another. The molds are processed through a boiling oil and then are dried, sprinkled with powdered flavors, and eventually, putted on a slow moving conveyor belt made specially made for stacking them. After that, they are packed in the can and then on the market shelves.

Many of us are addicted on snackes but one thing is sure it is one of the most dangerous and toxic foods that you can by-nevertheless they are produced from potato shavings or not. One of the most harmful compounds in potato chips are not added purposely, yet they are result of the processing.

A cancer-causing and possibly neurotoxic chemical, Acrylamide is derived when foods that are rich with carbohydrate are cooked at high temperatures and it doesn’t matter if they are baked, fried, toasted or roasted. It can be usually found in potato chips and French fries or processed or cooked foods at temperatures over 212°F (100°C). There is a rule: the chemical is created while the food is heated and starts to produce a well dry and yellow/brown surface.

So think twice before your next consumption !!!


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