Relive From Hangover In Few Minutes

Everyone of us knows what it’s like the day after a stormy night . In order to get back on track without using any drugs you should take into account the advice in this article.

Consume Vitamin B

Alcohol is Vitamin B’s worst enemy.Former’s high consumption may lead to latter’s deficiency. That’s the paramount reason of your worse condition. It’s recommended to get 50 mg of vitamin B before and in middle of alcohol consumption.

The clearer the better

Liquors that tend to be darker have high toxins’, namely: congeners’, ratio. Sip cocktails or just have some vodka. Try to stay away from whiskey or rum as much as possible.

Ginger tea is a must

Upset stomach is easily cured by just a cup of freshly brewed ginger tea. This is a vital component of hangover. If you don’t like the ginger tea taste you can add  natural honey which not only adds a relishing taste but is high in fructose content. Hence, will help digest any leftover alcohol in no time.

Sip on fresh coconut water

Dehydration is an ultimate consequence of hangover. Rehydrate your body with refreshing coconut water. This priceless drink contain more electrolyte than any sports drink. Not to mention more potassium content than a banana. Soothing of upset stomach is an added bonus. Gulp fresh water and Gatorade, too to rehydrate yourself.

Let them out through sweat

Left over alcohol and toxins are the devils behind a hangover. Enjoy a hot water tub with Epsom salt to boostdetoxification. Have a bit of strength despite the hangover? Than get yourself moving; practice yoga or enjoy quick walk.

Get your potassium intake

Less potassium in your system might be a factor behind weakness. Get rid of muscle soreness and cramps through banana, a fruit with very high potassium content. It will restore the electrolytes and minerals lost while drinking.

Tomato juice is just the thing

All the enzymes, vitamins and mineral lost are packed in nature’s perfect food; tomatoes. Fructose, another important component of tomato, will metabolize any leftover alcohol.

Milk thistle and  Vitamin C

Both of these foods hold vital importance in giving boost to liver’s functioning. So improve your liver’s health through antioxidants present in milk thistle. Moreover, don’t forget to restore the lost vitamin C, obviously due to alcohol, plus the stress induced in the liver.

Fermentation can aid

Irritated stomach needs fermentation rich foods, a good source of healthy bacteria. Grab yogurt that contains probiotics along with these bacteria. Miso soup, hydrate and restore nutritional deficiency, sweetened black or green tea, kombachu and sauerkraut are other great sources.

None of it works? This would!

This weird trick would work for sure, although science has no answer to it. Take cut lemon piece and wipe the juice under armpits. Viola, you will certainly adore the results!

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