Consumption of avocados have many medical benefits, but the most important  is that help the process to lower cholesterol level in your  body. If your cholesterol level is increasing and it is going out of hand then use Avocado to get in shape.

Avocado is one of the unique fruits of nature having healthy fats that most fruits lack. It has high concentration of nutrition including, vitamin C, Magnesium, Riboflavin, potassium, and vitamin A. This is one of the super fruits that you can eat to stay away from bad health. Eating avocado regularly is good for your heart because it contain natural plant beta-sit sterol  it can  reduce the risk of breast cancer, helps in  detoxify body, protect from harmful chronic diseases, enhance digestion, and reduce risk of getting depressed.

It is difficult to add a lot of avocado in your diet at once, but you can add little amount in your salad and eat regularly. It will provide health benefits that no other product has.

A study conducted five year back tested group of people having different diet plan. One group had low fat diet, second group had moderate fat diet, and the third group was consuming fats from avocados. The outcome was outstanding, all of the groups shown good results. They had low cholesterol level, but group that had avocado as source of fat was top of the list. Eating avocado lower their cholesterol level up to 14mm per deciliter.

So when you prepare your diet plan, don’t forgot to add avocados in it because it has health benefits that will increase your chances of staying healthy. Besides that, it wouldn’t hurt to add some avocado in your meal.


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