Super green foods to eat everyday

Super Green Foods To Eat Everyday

In every big supermarket there are many healthy green fruits and vegetables available at low price. Every one of us can easily choose healthy fruits and vegetables for your personal diet plan. These green fruits and vegetables can energize your body and boost up your metabolism.

Those are ten healthy foods you should include in your daily diet:

1.Kiwi fruit

The Kiwifruit holds 85% vitamin C which gives you enough quantity of vitamin on daily basis. If you consume vitamin C on daily basis, it will help you to overcome prolonged coughing. It also help people who are suffering from asthma.


This food is in the list of healthiest food, it holds a lot of good fat. It encompasses various vitamins and minerals including vitamin E. This food is best for your hairs and nails.

3.Green tea

Green tea is also in the list of healthy foods. It is a beverage which refreshes you when you. It improves function of your brain and decrease chance of cancer. It also helps in reducing weight and bad fat. It is used to relax your body and mind. You can take this green tea beverage with lemon juice.


Kale is also known as the cancer fighter. It holds vitamin K that make your bones strong. It also improve your immune system. It has fat, but the quantity is negligible.

5.Bell peppers

It controls the weight of our body. It hold very few calories. If you have gain weight and want to lose it then you should include it in your diet plan. It will help you reduce bad fats. It holds vitamin E and vitamin B6. These Vitamins make your skin and hair healthy. Vitamin B6 make your immune system strong.

6.Brussels’s sprouts

It control your blood pressure. If you include it in your diet, you will see results within a month. It is a great source of extra energy for people who have gain weight.

7.Green beans

It contains a lot of fibers which helps in to digest food. It also maintains the quantity of sugar in your blood. It will help you to control the level of cholesterol in your body.


It has iron in large quantity and maintain iron level in your body. It is good for pregnant women, because at that time body require additional quantity of iron. It has vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and vitamin K. By taking these vitamins your immune system will improve, your body will manage the level of blood pressure, and make your muscles strong.


It contains 95% water that is good for your health. When you consume it, your body is cleanse from toxins, your skin becomes fresh, and you gain extra vitamins. Your skin will start glowing if you eat it on daily basis. It is best treatment for dark circles. It has compounds that reduce chance of cancer.

10.Green Olives

It is used to maintain the cholesterol levels in the human body. Eating regular oil and junk food may cause your body to gain extra weight, but you can change your habits by moving towards green olives, and above mentioned green vegetables.


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