Sweet, But Deadly: The Negative Effects Of Sugar!

As much as you want sugar, it’s just not good for your health. We may believe that it improves our mood, but the reality is that he is one of our biggest enemies and consumption of refined sugar destroys your health.

Unlike earlier in today’s time much sugar is consumed no matter its dark side. The relationship between consumption of sugar and affected by diabetes is very evident. It’s really harmful to vital organs and body, and results in diabetes type 2, triggering metabolism issues, high blood pressure, heart rate and problems with the immune system. There’s also really close relationship between sugar and cancer, since it serves as food to the cancer.

Although it is incredibly dangerous, it develops an excellent addiction. People who want to give up on the sugar, go through significant crises that are manifested through headache, bad mood, irritation and fatigue. So, for the cancellation of the sugar you must have the will and determination, because after a couple of days your body will stabilize and will begin producing their own dopamine.

Quitting white sugar and sweets does not mean you removing sugar from your body. You can always consume it properly through healthy food.

Refined sugar brings series of health problems such as dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, allergic reactions, loss of hair, skin irritation, dental caries, obesity, diabetes and cancer.
Intake of sugar makes you vitamin B deficient, whose deficiency causes signs such as chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, paranoia, insomnia, concentration problems and cravings for sugary foods.

Much of processed foods contain hidden sugar. Such are hamburger, catsup, mayonnaise, peanut butter and sauces for pasta.
Refined sugar also does not contain any minerals, vitamins, fats, enzymes, and fibers, because it loses in its processing.
It weakens the immunity, liver function, blood circulation and accelerates aging.
If you stop consuming refined sugar, there will be no side effects and your body will be healthy.

Source: http://healthyclubbers.com/

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