Gut-Healing Smoothie

Leaky gut is tied to a range of health conditions, from food sensitivities and irritable bowel syndrome to autoimmune diseases and inflammatory skin conditions like acne. It’s why we recommend transitioning to a healing foods diet and transforming your health from the inside out. This Gut-Healing Smoothie is prove how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. All…

20 Foods That Will Clean Your Arteries Naturally And Protect You From Heart Attacks

20 Foods That Will Clean Your Arteries Naturally And Protect You From Heart Attacks

It is a fact that heart disease is a number one killer. One of the main causes for heart attack and stroke are clogged arteries which can interrupt the blood flow throughout the entire body. There are many factors which can increase the risk of a heart attack including lack of movement, stress, and unhealthy…


Stop Buying Avocados. Here’s How to Grow an Avocado Tree in A Small Pot At Home

Avocados are simple all around us! These green little fruits are one of the most common ingredients of various meals and desserts these days. However, despite its mild aroma and delicious taste, this fruit has become this popular due to its high nutritional value as well, as it contains high fiber content, heart-healthy fats, vitamin…


Better Vision With Mouthwatering Foods All Together

You must understand that your eyes need proper nutrition in order to function at their best. In this article you will read more about how to prevent vision loss with consumption of mouthwatering foods. 1.Blueberries The entire berry kingdom is enriched with goodness of nature; vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. As for the eyes…


Stay Healthy & Eat Avocado

Consumption of avocados have many medical benefits, but the most important  is that help the process to lower cholesterol level in your  body. If your cholesterol level is increasing and it is going out of hand then use Avocado to get in shape. Avocado is one of the unique fruits of nature having healthy fats…


Alkalize Your Body With Those 27 Foods

We are all awear that we are constantly surrounded by poor quality food . In many cases it’s not only about the food additives , but also there is harmful effect by the pH levels inside the foods. The human body is intended to be an alkaline organism, and by consuming large amounts of processed…