How to Starve Cancer to Death by Removing This One Thing from Your Diet1

Starve Cancer to Death by Removing This One Thing from Your Diet

The risk of getting cancer is increased by many factors, ranging from emotions to the environment that surrounds us. But the main factor is the food we intake, because our overall health depends of what we consume in our body. In this article you will read more how to starve cancer to death by removing…


Bad Effects From Hand Sanitizer

Nowdays many people use hand sanitizer as an easy and quick method to clean their  hands.In this article you will read why  is recommend to stop using hand sanitizer immidietaly. There is a studuy which show that using hand sanitizer can increase the amount of BPA ( Bisephenol A) in your skin and may cause…


Vitamin B17 VS Cancer

Source of vitamin B17 is the seed of a apricot. It’s a fruit that isn’t given much of a credit. Vitamin B17 is an anti-cancer component, also known as amygdalin but it’s fobiden to use it. So, if it is that helpful in preventing cancer, what’s the reason behind its ban? And why is it…


What Are The Benefits From The Rice Water

Many years ago old Chineses use the water in which the rice is cooked to make their skin healthy,  to improve the glow in their hair and to get extra energy. Everyone of us can have a healthy body wonderful skin and be fed  with the help of two great and inexpensive compounds: rice and water.…