Gut-Healing Smoothie

Leaky gut is tied to a range of health conditions, from food sensitivities and irritable bowel syndrome to autoimmune diseases and inflammatory skin conditions like acne. It’s why we recommend transitioning to a healing foods diet and transforming your health from the inside out. This Gut-Healing Smoothie is prove how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. All…


5 Slimming Weight Loss Smoothies!

Quick and easy to prepare, these weight loss smoothies are packed with refreshing fruits and MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids)—the Flat Belly Diet powerhouse ingredient that specifically targets belly fat. These 10 filling, creamy weight loss shakes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Mango Smoothie Surprise SERVINGS: 1 ¼ c mango cubes ¼ c mashed ripe…

Ingredients Smoothie to Strengthen Up Knee Tendons and Ligaments

3-Ingredients Smoothie to Strengthen Up Knee Tendons and Ligaments

The knees play an extremely important role as they are in charge of the mobility, flexibility, and balance of the body, and they help us to jump, run, walk, and stand. Yet, they can experience damage and lead to pain due to various reasons. For instance, a strenuous exercise may lead to an over exertion…