The Truth Behind Detox Baths And Why You Should Be Taking More Of Them!

When you eat healthy food in order to improve your health these are so many additional and important things you need to do. Several days ago, I realized that I was missing some of those things which is very important- the DETOX BATHS.

I don’t know how I missed them, but the GAPS guidelines from the GAPS website, from which I learned many clues that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride pointed out, don’t put a stress on them. So, I missed them.

(There is a lot to learn about what to do or what to eat in your healthy diet from the GAPS, but we shouldn’t do the diet without the assistance of someone more educated in the field, because we might miss the basic elements for its successiveness)

I consider detoxification baths the most important thing.

So, for about 2-3 months ago, I`ve been looking for information and I would like to share with you what I found!

However, the detoxification baths shouldn’t be done just by people who are on the GAPS diet (I gave it as an example based on my personal experience). They are good for any kind of disease and healing process, and for any kind of diet.


BAKING SODA- the best anti-fungal remedy with cleansing features, which will detoxify your whole body and help your skin maintain the normal pH level. You should put 1-3 cups of the powder in a bath (1 cup is for children, and 3 for adults).


EPSOM SALT OR MINERAL SEA SALT- both have detoxifying effects and are good for the joints, bones and tissue. They are also very chip and contain high level of magnesium. Put 1/2 a cup in the bath for children weighted under 60 pounds, allow a full cup for those between 60 and 100 pounds, and put 2 cups in the bath for adults who are weighted over 100 pounds.


LAVANDER ESSENTIAL OIL- it has high relaxing effects, antibacterial and anti-itch features, heals headache and so on. But, if you are only using it to detoxify your body, it is recommended to use clove essential oil. Just put 3-4 drops in your bath.


– Take 40 minutes for yourself 3-4 times a week and enjoy the time being alone. I like doing this in the evenings- it relaxes me, refreshes me and, what is most important, it is healthy for my body. When you put salt in your bath, it is good to know that the magnesium in the salt will relax you and provide you a better sleep.

– I also love letting my little one in the bath when the water cools down a bit. I find this useful because he gets detoxification and spends time with me at the same time.


I use to do the dry brush before bath, but if I have shower twice I day, I don’t dry brush myself two times.

Changing bath supplements is recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell- McBride because in this way we give our skin a chance to enjoy the benefits of a variety of products, and at the same time we will lower the possibility of becoming very sensitive to a certain ingredient, as well.

There are two more ingredients that I didn’t mention yet, which are proved to be great detoxifiers- the seaweed and apple cider vinegar. Seaweed can be used in several varieties, such as: The Seaweed Bath Company and Aalgo Organic Seaweed Bath. Put 2 teaspoons in the bath for children, and 4 for adults.

Generally, we suggest the bath to last for 40 minutes at least. The first 20 minutes of the bath in very hot water (bearable hot) will help you get the toxins to the surface of your skin, while in the rest 20 minutes, when the water cools, they will be removed from the skin.

After the bath, you should drink water in order to help cleaning out the toxins. You also might feel exhausted because the process of detoxification is not easy at all and your body works very hard. In that case, you should take a rest, of course.


For the best of benefits, you should do the detoxification bath at least three times a week, or it can be an everyday ritual to you. When I do the bath, I mix two ingredients of the above mentioned. I find lavender essential oil and baking soda the best.


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