What Tobacco Giants Are Hiding From You?

Ever pack of cigarettes contain mark which warns you about the bad effect which may cause consumption of the product. Those marks are only written because the law forces the companies  to do so, and they don’t show the real picture / information about the 4000 chemicals which are included in evey cigar that you smoke . If you countinue reading this article it will be big reason to quit or at least to consider to reduce the amount of cigarettes that you consume daily.

Each cigarette contains highly toxic ingredients like: tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, butane, ammonia, acetone, arsenic, DDT and even cadmium. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse every year die around 400.000 people which are persistent smokers. In their study they predict that the number will rise and by the 2030 year it will reach 10 milion people.People who smoke and the one which are constantly expoused to smoke can easily acquire with many health problems like cancer, heart diseases, disorders of spine, joints etc. Smoking leads to a decrease in your body’s ability to carry oxygen. Your heart has to work faster and harder to overcome lack of oxygen resulting in an increased heart rate and blood pressure. The ability of the blood vessels to carry essential nutrients is also decreased.Positive Side – Quit now and there is still hope:

The moment you focus on stop smoking, the healing process of your body begins. The pulse rate comes to its normal level in minutes and carbon monoxide levels start to reduce in about a day. Gradually the carbon monoxide become undetectable. As more oxygen is circulated in your body, the inflammation also decreased. Lungs also start to heal slowly and the risk of developing lungs cancer is significantly reduced and after ten to fifteen years of quitting smoking it is at the same level as that of a person who never smoked.

Should you use Electronic Cigarettes as a substitute?

Definitley the answer is NO. Instead of finding a substitute you should quit smoking entirely. Although the electronic cigarettes contain less unsafe substances but even then only five minutes of smoking electronic cigarettes lead to tightening of the aviation route and creates aggravation. These modern day alternatives contain less harmful particles than the common cigarettes but when smoked, even these particles are enough to deteriorate your health significantly.

The pharmaceutical and nicotine substitution products may help you quit smoking but remember that they do have their own side effects. So your answer to the smoking problem should ultimately be totally quitting it and never going back to smoking.

Source: www.ucanquit2.org